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Brittany was born and raised in Virginia’s capital city. As a young girl, she began writing poetry and fiction. This sparked a passion for storytelling very early on that has been rapidly growing ever since. 


She is a graduate of James Madison University where she received a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Media Arts and Design with a focus in Journalism, and completed a creative writing minor. She chose to study journalism to gain a better understanding of the people and world that surrounds her, and be an artistic voice for the unique individuals she encounters on a regular basis. Brittany currently works closely with a local non-profit to spread awareness on and help prevent illness and disease in the African American community. 


A few of her accomplishments include poetry published in Gardy Loo Literary Magazine, photography (cover art) and poetry published in the first and second edition of Kinfolks: a journal of black expression, and a short play feature in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF). In addition to this, she was named one of Virginia’s’ Best Emerging Poets by Z Publishing House and will be published in their anthology in winter 2017.


Brittany enjoys photography, spoken word poetry, traveling, reading as many books as she can, and enjoying time with family. Upon completing undergrad, she chose to work a job minimally in order to fully commit to quietly continuing to grow as an artist. She has dedicated this time to writing and being more hands on in theatre and film. She hopes to attend a graduate MFA program for playwriting in the near future.


Brittany’s goal is to thrive as a successful writer in the theatre industry. She strives to be a storyteller on the page, on the stage, and behind the camera. She considers herself extremely blessed to have acquired such a fulfilling art form from such a young age, and hopes to continue to advance in her artistic passions.

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